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starting Ten thunders


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hey guys, I am going to be starting Ten thunders, I am sort of going into this blind and have no idea what the ten thunders playstyle is like, so I have two questions, whats the overall feel of the faction and whats a good place to start, I was originally going to do Gremlins but decided to hold off until they get more fleshed out, thanks in advanced!

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First off welcome. The Ten Thunders are a very eccletic bunch where each master has a very very diferent playstyel I would say more so than any other faction.


Personally I play Mei Feng, Misaki and McCabe at the moment and will be branching out further.


Mei Feng plays like a mobile melee brawler that pinballs around the board. Generally her crew is quite durable and has a fair few constructs. There is a tendancy to be primarily melee focussed by range support suh as Thunder Archers can help out for her


Misaki is your ninja assassin, lots of mobility but avoids direct confrontation. I liek playing a very risky game with her (because its fun even if it fails) and tend to go with a lot of control and denial in the crew with Torakage, Yamiziko, Oiran


McCabe is tricky to pin down to a style of play but he a support type master that supports his crew by handing out upgrades, beyond that I find him tricky to describe how he plays. He does have a lot of nuance to him.


Shenlong I have only looked at the cards a lot for and he plas around a lot with conditions and redfines how they operate, looking forward to picking him up when he is out.


Yan Lo, Jacob Lynch and The Brewmaster I have not played in M2E


Hope that helped out a little

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heres a solid list of everything I have on order:

X1 Relic Hunters

X1 Pathfinder and clockwork trap

X1 Masters of the Path

X1 Rail Crew

X2 Ten Thunders Archers

X1 Yamaziko

X 2 Oiran

X1 The Thunders

X1 Monks of the low River

X1 Izamu the Armor

I wanted to get a little bit of everything to give me a good flesh out of the faction and so I can figure out the play style I want, I didnt get Lynches box yet because my friend is using them as their first neverborn master.
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with just that, you should be able to cover most bases - what you will lack are the models that the various ten thunders masters can bring into their lists from other factions when they play as ten thunders.


I wouldn't go buying anything else just yet until you have got to grips with that little lot though!


suggestion: pick whichever one you think looks coolest and start with that one - and play it until you feel you have a good grasp on it.


don't get too hung up on playstyle - most masters and crews can play most ways in M2E - so it can fit you, rather than the other way around.

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I can tell you that Jakob Lynch's theme crew is a deceptively mobile beatdown squad that centers around its bespoke condition: Brilliance.  They have a tricky and flexible master, a Henchtotem with two distinct playstyles (Hyperactive or Resilient), great placement control with Beckoners, superb melee brawlers with the Illuminated, the Depleted appear to be very good mudpit units, and Tannen is alright, but Graves is such a beast that he finds his way into the weirdest lists. 


If you're running Ten Thunders, I recommend giving him a once over.  I'm not a 10T player, but he can always access these models.  I imagine there's even more nasty shenanigoats in the 10T faction lists.

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