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Hi everyone,


I recently decided to pick up miniature gaming again after a few years break, so I looked into Malifaux again. Ordered the Relic Hunters box and while getting some new paints this weekend also ended up picking up the new Ortega's box. (Nino is hard to assemble.) Can't take pictures just yet so here are a few pictures of the last model I painted before my break:





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(Apologies for the bad picture quality, had to borrow my dad's phone cause mine was being all stubborn.)


So today my rulebook and relic hunters box arrived, even got a free me1 Freikorpsman with it.




My ortegas are now fully assembled. It's not that Nino was that hard, I was just a bit surprised to have that many bits on a single model.




I also started working on my bases. I didn't have any proper window screen bits, so I used this old pan cover to prevent grease from splashing all over you that my mom still had lying around. My greenstuff was also really hard from years of lying around, but it was still usable. Sadly the greenstuff had a tendency to stick a bit to the cover and I'm not used to working with it that much anymore, but I think the bases turned out alright for a first try. Now just need to wait for them to dry before I can start painting them.



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The tiles didn't end up working out that well painting wise, so I decided to just use an xacto knife and sculpting toles to make cobblestones myself. Pressed down on them with a rock afterwards to get a bit of a stone texture.




I'm doing differently coloured washed on different stones to get a bit more variety in how the cobble looks. Still working on this base but should give an idea where it's going. Still need to do some washes to mute it down again.



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Looking good. Have my own Relic Hunter box set laying around, assembled and collecting dust :)Nice work on the bases, simpel and effective! I like it. better get some greenstuff of my won to star doing stuff like that.

Thank you. :) It's quite simple to do bases like this and greenstuff can be used for tons of things, so it's handy to get the hang of it a bit.






Finished basing my ortegas. Hopefully I can start painting them now but I'm still completely breaking my head over what colours to use...

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An overall brown/leather theme is most common, with accents of red and/or black, to show their association with the Guild. Denim is also a popular color for the legs, as well. But it's really up to you!


Some excellent recent Guild models that come to mind can be found here by Viruk, and here by IM JOSH AMA. Different styles, and different color palette choices, but both masterfully done. Very inspiring!


There are TONS of brilliant painters on here, and they all hove excellent models to show! Maybe even peruse through the Gallery to find more. Those two links I made were of models that I, myself, have taken inspiration from in the past few days, as I am painting some Guild models, as well.  :)  But don't just look at Guild models. Look at every painted model you can find! You might like some color choices on Ramos's leather jacket, or Seamus's top hat... or you might like how the metal is painted on a Freikorps Specialist. Or maybe you like the purple/green pattern of a certain Teddy model's heart...  :P Heeheehee!


Inspiration can come from a whole model or just from a bit. Even that one bit you like can inspire the color scheme of your entire crew!

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