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Dawn Serpent


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So this guy is coming out soon- ideas? Honestly I don't know who he'd work well with, many of our leaders have really great options "in crew". So far Lynch and Yan Lo come to mind since they tend to have a lot of CA actions. Shenlong and monks are another possiblity.

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I'm looking at it as a Marcus beatstick. There should be enough CAs in that crew to heal 3-5 Wds per activation. The poison compliments Myranda, Razorspine and Canine Remains well I think. It's just a very expensive model, I need to test soon so I can pre-order from my LGS and save 20% off :)

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Are there any Arcanist models that play with Poison that can take advantage of a Marcus poison crew, and I don't mean just handing them out with attacks?

The K-9 is all I can think of off the top of my head....which you already mentioned.


And yeah, there are tons of Ca actions in a Marcus beast crew for healing this guy. And might be an excellent 'Darzhee's Chaunt' target late turn.

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