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Crew Idea: Tormented Nix!

Hateful Darkblack

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Here's a Theoryfaux Crew I'm thinking about:


Outcasts Crew - 50 - Scrap
Hamelin -- 6 Pool
 +The Piper [2]
The Stolen [2]
Montresor [9]
 +Fearful Whispers [1]
 +Scramble [2]
Nix [8]
Obedient Wretch [4]
Rat Catcher [6]
Rat Catcher [6]
The Guilty [5]
The basic idea: The Guilty makes Nix Tormented, which raise all of Nix's many pulses and auras by 1" as long as Montresor can see him. Montresor flanks one direction. Nix and The Guilty flank in the other side. Hamelin, Wretch, Stolen, and Rat Catchers take up the middle, gobbing up enemies into a tarpit of summoned models and killing one or two in late turns, while the Henchmen grab objectives. If anything doesn't work out, blame The Guilty, because it's clearly their fault.
Anyone have any advice for how to modify this? Or suggestions for how to play it? Other Upgrades to switch out?
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I think I'm missing the point - is Montressor's only synergy that he makes Nix's auras and pulses slightly bigger? That seems like a very large investment for a very small gain. (That's not to say that Montressor or the Guilty can't contribute a great deal in other areas, but there's no particular advantage to running them with Hamelin, and they cost a ton of stones.)


I'm wondering whether it would be more effective to Torment Hamelin (with various upgrades to add more auras) instead, or in addition to Nix with an extra Guilty. (Plus, the total niche tactic of not needing to randomise for Guilty when shooting Pipes into melee could occasionally be handy.) Hamelin can get plenty of value out of increasing aura/pulse ranges, and it would make Montressor a more synergistic investment. In smaller games, you could drop Nix entirely and just run Monty as your hench if you felt like it.


Without knowing the Scheme pool and the Strategy, it's a bit tough to build an effective crew. I'm not convinced that Montresaurus is a good investment for Hamelin, but you could probably surprise some opponents with the combo.

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Thanks Kadeton!


Yeah, I'd agree that giving Nix an extra 1" to pulses and auras isn't worth the 15+ soulstones of extra models on its own, though I like the idea. My thought was mostly that Montresor and the Guilty can offer good things to the Crew (fast durable objective grabbers, where Hamelin's core crew is mostly defensive board control and objective denial), and that the synergy of increasing pulses and auras would also help nicely on occasion.


Naturally, it'll depend on Strats and Schemes whether this is worth doing.


Thanks again for your thoughts!

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