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How many markers are enough?


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I love conversions and custom models! The idea creating my own scheme/scrap/corpse markers (instead of printed tokens) is too good to pass up.

As I'm finishing up my sixth scrap marker and fourth scheme token, I'm wondering... How many is too many?

I have a wide spread of crews accross factions. My Ramos crew, in particular, will love a bunch of scrap markers. Eventually as I expand in to Nicodem, I envision mannny corpse markers will be used.

Any thoughts? I'd love to hear what people use and how many.

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I've recently started a set of custom Corpse Counters. Mainly because I've just picked up Nico and McMourning and I've got 10 built so far, they need painting but I figure 10 would be a nice round number, if/when I get Ramos I'll probably go for about 10 Scrap as well. As for Scheme Markers it's dependent on the crew and schemes but I'd go with something like 10-15 to cover all eventualities. 

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