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Terrain tiles.


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Hey hey


I've got a 3x3 gaming board I use for x-wing, so it's covered in black felt.  While it doesn't bother me toooo much, for Malifaux I was looking to get some sort of terrain tile I could just lay over the felt to get something a little more in the mood.  The current thinking is grab some foamcore and mount some of the Dave Graffam terrain tiles on them, making up 9 1' square boards to give it some modularity, and allow me to store them easily enough.  But before I do, any bright ideas?  We generally play a rural version of Malifaux rather than city and streets so green, desert, badlands theme is kind of what I am angling for.


Cheers dears.

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Depends on time and budget. I chopped up some 1" thick insulation foam and glued construction sand to it. Considering I found the insulation foam, the whole project for a 16' table cost me something like $10 (in paint and glue, plus probably like 50¢ of the giant bag of sand)


Printed scenery is probably the cheapest/easiest way of doing structures, though.

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The 3x3 Zuzzy Mats are like 25ish dollars and totally worth it. I use the 4x4 for Malifaux and Mordheim and couldn't recommend them more. I have the "ruined city" one and it was pretty easy to paint. If you want to use spraypaint to paint it you need to use a water based one like Liquitex.

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Have you looked at vinyl flooring tiles?  They come in 1x1 sizes and a lot of different colors and textures.  You can buy them individually at DIY stores like Lowes or Home Depot.


Add some textured wall paper to the adhesive side of the floor tiles for some easy and good looking base boards. If you can find the brick like textured wall paper it only takes some dry brushing to really make eye popping urban tiles. Adding foam core can even replicate raised sidewalks easily.

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