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Malifaux Cake tournament! Colorado Springs, CO


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Saturday, April 19th, 11:30AM
Gamers Haven

5730 N. Academy Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

A casual Malifaux event for our Malifaux Community!

Form a team of 2 players and play one battle each against another team. The team with the most wins gets the losing team’s tasty cake. The winner will then present the loser with their cake as a consolation prize for losing.

• Each Team of 2 will each play a game against another team of 2 players.
• Teams can be formed ahead of time or at the event as you choose.
• Strategies and schemes will be pre-generated using the standard rules.
• Encounter size will be 40 SS.
• The losing team must give the winning team their cake.
• The winning team must then give their cake to the losing team.
• Each player must bring enough cake to feed at least four people.

The "cake" can be anything from Twinkies to Pie, as long as it is sweet and not very good for you!

• Master of Cakes: The team with the best tasting cake. To be determined by a vote
• We Just Came for the Cake: The team with the worst record. Ties will go to the team who lost the fastest
• We Came, We Saw, We Ate Some Cake: The team with the best record. Ties will go to the team who won games the fastest

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