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Puppet Wars custom board and elements


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Puppet Wars Unstitched is quickly becoming my favorite board game, with incredibly fun gameplay and puppet powers that infuse them with personnality and all.




There was something bothering me. The miniatures are fantastic (not even painted yet), the theme is great, but despite a great layout , the cardboard board didn't really convey the atmosphere for me, and the tokens, which appeared nice in my hands, are barely visible on the dark yet highly light reflecting board. And I found a nice hardware suitcase with foam inside, perfect to carry the lot, but the darn board wouldn't fit in it (by less than 1/2 inch...).


Very well, I thought, those two hands of yours managed to assemble 44 minis on custom bases, right ? Then maybe they're good for a custom board. I ordered 175 50mm lasercut plywood hexes, bought two 36"x36" felt sheets and got to work. Basically, I made a larger than original board divided in 4 pannels that can be stored in the suitcase with the minis, plus additional, smaller pannels to expand the board for more players and/or puppets, as a simple shoebox-size game can already get crowded. And these pannels can be positionned to alter the original hexagon board for different game setups (corridors, islands, forts, name it), all this complemented with custom workbenches and impassable terrain.


Here's the result. 






As you can see, I glued felt under all the hex pannels. The main board is divided in four large parts, and the rest are 3 or 4-hex pannels. Using the second black felt sheet as a tablecloth, it achieves two things. First, felt on felt doesn't slide and everythings stays put, while still being light and foldable (I thought about using magnets, but it was inconclusive). Second, and that was not expected, it gives a uniform, black matte background so that everything else seems so much brighter.


True, it lacks all the graphic goodies there are on the original board, but in terms of visibility and playability (it is larger than the original), I think it is better that way. And you really have a feeling of playing live puppets on a wooden floor or desk with the spools and the small wooden work benches.


Anyway, I thought I'd show this work of love from a fan who can't get enough ;)

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very nice. i noticed my board is sort of bowing. when folded closed the open side resembles a ducks bill. i may have to do something like this at some point. but for now i have my button piles on 40mm bases as impassible terrain, and the puppets bases have coffee stirring sticks glued down and varnished to look like hardwood flooring.

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