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Gremlin Lists and Tactics


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I'm a bit stuck in my gremlin tactical thinking. And have been on a brake form this lovely game for about 5-6 month, so have a lot of catching up to do ;D

So I was hoping on getting some assistant from this lovely community!

Hers the list I use in basicly every game.

Gremlins Crew - 40 - Dustup

Somer Teeth Jones -- 5 Pool

+Can o' Beans [1]

+Family Tree [2]

Skeeter X 2 [4]

Bayou Gremlin [3]

Bayou Gremlin [3]

Bayou Gremlin [3]

Bayou Gremlin [3]

Lenny [9]

+Show Off [1]

Slop Hauler [5]

Slop Hauler [5]

11SS left for models like Rami or Pigapult in 50ss games. Always buying tow additional cards if I don't draw a mask to my hand.

I have all the gremlin models from ME1.

Ah, I'll keep it wage and we'll se what comes up ;)

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Francois is god. He is one of the most killy models in the game, in fact and a bargain for his cost. He is a bit fragile though actually plenty tough for his cost but once the opponent clues into his destructive potential he tends to seem fragile. Of course Lenny and Dirty Cheater help a lot, as do Slop Haulers.

Oh, note that Slop Haulers and Pig Herders are amazing for 5SS. 3 AP, nice defense, nice offense - even forgetting their "real function" (healing and goading pigs) they are worth the 5SS as simple objective runners or fighters. Pigs are brilliant tie-up models, btw. Charge for 1AP and then Defensive Stance - their high Df keeps them around nicely.

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If you want to include wave 2 models I can suggest gremlins like Sammy LaCroix to give Family tree, so Somer wont have to stay at home to summon(he can be VERY offensive in 2.0).


Or trixiebelle in the gunline so you can use Gremlin lure to push people away from the fragile gunline, and she also have a lot of synergy in generel with Bayou Gremlins. 


I have also used Old Cranky with VERY big succes, in a more dmg focused Somer crew. If you use Somer on the frontile you wont have as much use for his Skeeters anyway... and Old Cranky has quite a lot of tricks and some good dmg himself :)

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If you run Som'er then I have news for you!


Don't thank me, just buy the model, print the card, and win.

For 10ss she's a bargain!

(0) action Reactivate, that's 4AP!

She has a 1ss upgrade Saddle that lets her drag around any gremlin, let me say that again ANY GREMLIN!

Use her with Som'er, take the summoning engine on the go!

Invest in Burt as well, their movement shenanigans are amazing.

Or bring her with Lenny and Saddle.

You now have a walking tank on your hands:

Ml: 6 4/6/8 damage profile w/ Armor +3

I saw her take down a fully realize Dita avatar by herself...BY HERSELF.


Sammy is a great suggestion because it's true, the summoning engine is no longer dependent on Som'er.

Also, Som'er can be carried by Gracie.

Hooking Som'er onto her, he doesn't need to spend AP walking!

His (0) action Do it Like Dis lets him hand out suits to friendly models.

Set him next to Gracie, discard a Ram, you have effectively doubled BOTH their damage profiles.

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Skeeters are great in an aggressive Som'er crew. Fly them up, fart a bit and lock down his models so you can move around them. He's either got to walk away or attempt to kill them.


That Som'er list is pretty good all comers material, but be weary of sticking to one core list. With the different strats and schemes, I'm finding more and more that lists never stay static between games. Some factions can do this (tenshu on Twitter is noteworthy for piloting the same Von Schill list across an entire event and doing okay), but with Gremlins lending towards the cheap end of the model pricing scale, I don't think we can accomplish this.


Which is the complete opposite to V1, where there was two Ophelia lists and one Som'er list!


Rather than lists, I am finding certain groups of models that keep turning up.

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I would probably stay away from the Pigapult with the list you have up there. You'll struggle to really make it worth its points without Lenny summoning Piglets to fuel it turn after turn. I would also probably drop the second Slop Hauler in favor of one of the Lacroix's (I personally like Francois with Show Off more than Lenny with it) since it looks as if your going for a "mad bomber" list. It'll be a fun list but difficult to win with (a few piglets will aid in getting the bombs where you want them via the "Truffle Shuffle" and contribute to isolating targets via out activation).

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Thanks for all the answers! I'm defiantly going to bring this to the table to morrow. Going to drop one Slopy and play with more "special characters", might learn something new by going outside my confer zone!

Lists as the title says are a bad choice if words.

But I got what I wanted any way. Tips and tricks about models that function well together. Would be nice to get a few more about Masters/Models that function well with different kind of Strategis and/or schemes, as well together.

To be honest, when I first got the ME2 (wave1) cards I took a look at piglets and saw that they had 2" setoff and phrased in a way that no longer can use other pigs to block LoS, and sooey down to 8", I went. That a full load of horse crap, I'm going gun line! But many off you speak highly of them, so I wonder, how do you make that work?

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I happen to use a ton of Piglets, and they do tend to be my all stars.  My lists looks something like this:



 - Can o Beans (1)

 - Pig Feed (1)


Gremlins x4 (12)


Piglets x4 (16)


War Pig (9)


Hog Whisperer (5)


I normally play 45 ss games.  For a 50 SS game, I'd contemplate 2 more Bayou Gremlins, putting me at 6 total. I'd also consider 2 Mosquitos.  Note, I don't use Lenny, Slop Haulers, or the Summoning Engine.  I don't have Lenny or Slop Haulers (Really excited about Lenny in that Plastic Box), and this is the main reason I am not using it.  However, I will try them out when the box set is released.  I am actually looking to pick up 2 Slop Haulers in metal. 


All that aside, Piglets.  I use my Gremlins for completing Objectives and taking pot shots.  Sometimes this fails, and my opponents go directly after the Gremlins.  If this is the case, I have Piglets drop objectives.  Both Somer and the Hog Whisper ignores Set er Off within 8".  This allows you to get your pigs in line and moving.  With Pig Charge, a pig (and warpig) has a 13" threat range.  This means you can be in someone's face pretty quickly, allowing your Bayou Gremlins time to drop tokens and cause other mayhem.  


Remember, it doesn't matter how many enemy models you kill (unless you're playing Reckoning), or how many you have left.  What matters is that you have the most VP at the end of the game.  I often rush drop my schemes and then tie up my enemy for several rounds. I rarely have more than 2 models on the board.  My Warpig has yet to survive a game, but I've only lost 1 out of 10 (I'm not counting the 1 I lost on purpose to specifically get points in an Achievement League).  That 6 Def is huge, and the minus flip to shoot is great.


One thing I don't understand from you post, the model is height 1, and I don't remember a special rule on the thing that says it does not block line of sight. Have I been cheating people? I swear I've read those cards 100 times.  Is it a part of the Small special rule? Or is it something you missed as well?

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One thing I don't understand from you post, the model is height 1, and I don't remember a special rule on the thing that says it does not block line of sight. Have I been cheating people? I swear I've read those cards 100 times.  Is it a part of the Small special rule? Or is it something you missed as well?


You miss my point. And it's a easy one to miss since I’m referring to how Swinedash (pigcharge) where phrased in ME1,5. Back then it said “charges nearest none-pig model” now it says “if there is a legal target available”.  So if your model where the closer one you cud just put a pig in the way, screening your model and the pigcharge where off somewhere ells.

Now the piglet just charges the other pig instead.


But I acutely took my time to read throw all the new ME2 wave2 cards more then one time, since information do not stick in my brain. Seriously, I need a note when im going to the store to buy 3 things! Back to track now.


If you add Old Major to your tactics you can still pull this move off, thanks to “An Eye on the Young'uns: Other friendly Pigs in play do not consider friendly Pigs as legal targets for a Charge Action.”


Hop I’m making sense here, its way pass bed time for me now.

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