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Joelfaux II - September 20th & 21st - TICKETS ON SALE!


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Hi everyone!

I thoughts with the calander filling up, I'd better get this announced early!

This year, Joelfaux is 2 separate one-day events - double the fun!!

Saturday 20th September

A 3 round story encounter event with several twists. Be part of a developing narrative! This event will be fixed leader.

Sunday 21st September

A 4 round fixed faction ranked singles event.

The venue:

Newbridge High School,

Forest road



Le67 3sj

Here is the rulespack!!

JoelFaux II

An M2e Weekend

Saturday 20th September 2014

3 Round Story Encounter

Sunday 21st September 2014

4 Round ranked escalation tournament


Newbridge High School

Forest Road



LE67 3SJ


To enter send payment by paypal to joel.henry@talk21.com as a gift (include your real name, forum name and which days you are attending) or pay me in cash beforehand.

Cost is £10 for 1 day or £17.50 for the weekend. This includes lunch on each day.

A list of entrants will be maintained on the Wyrd forum post.



Story encounter best “hero”

Story encounter nastiest “villain”

Best painted Henchman


1st/2nd/3rd best players

Best painted crew

Wooden Spoon

The ranked tournament results will be submitted to MalifauxRankings – please advise if you wish to be anonymous.


Lunch is provided to all participants. It will take the form of a packed lunch (sandwiches, crisps, etc.) If any players have special dietary requirements, it is their responsibility to contact the TO by 24/08/14 via twitter (@Joel__Henry) or by PM on the Wyrd boards with details, so that they can be taken into account. Also a meal will be being planned for the Saturday afternoon, details of which will be discussed with players at a later date.

The Tournament Format

This event will follow the guidelines in Gaining Grounds 2014, with the following exceptions;

Proxy, Conversion, and Painting Rules

Proxies are allowed as long as they are appropriate representations of the model they stand for. Please check with your opponent before each game, and have the correct Wyrd figures available to use if asked. If unsure, please check with the TO before the event.

Printed-out Stat Cards may be used for wave 2 models only; players must have the official up-to-date versions for the tournaments.

Models must be assembled (glued) and fixed to the appropriate size base – no blu-tac! Crews must be fully painted to be used in the tournament.

Story Encounter Rules (Saturday)

Number of Rounds and Schedule

09:00 Venue open & registration

09:45 Round 1

11:45 Lunch & painting competition

12:15 Round 2

14:30 Round 3

17:00 Prizes & close

Crew Construction

The Story encounter is fixed master. All players select a 100ss pool of models to use with their master that must include at least one henchman. Be aware, you might not have access to your henchman in all games though…

Tournament Rules (Sunday)

Number of Rounds and Schedule

09:00 Venue open & registration

09:15 Round 1 (35SS Henchman led)

10:45 Round 2 (35SS Henchman led)

12:00 Lunch & painting competition

13:00 Round 3 (50SS)

14:55 Round 4 (50SS)

17:00 Prizes & close

Crew Construction

This event is NOT fixed faction

Prior to the start of each round, each player will declare a faction for that game and be able to choose any master/henchman available to lead their crew for that round, and will hire their crew for the encounter up to the given SS limit including upgrades.

Strategies & Schemes will be flipped prior to the event, and announced on the day of the event, as well as be visible on your player score sheet.

Terrain Setup

Terrain will be placed in advance by the TO and must not be moved by the players. If you have a problem with any terrain, please ask for clarification from the TO.


After each round, placement will be sorted by total Tournament Points, with Victory Point Differential and then Total Victory Points used as tie breakers (see below)

At the end of each Encounter, players tally up the VP that they earned that round. The player that earned more VP than his or her opponent wins the game and the opponent loses the game. In case of the same VP count, the game is a draw.

Tournament Points [TP]:

A win awards 3TP to the winner, a draw awards 1TP to each player, and a loss awards 0TP to the defeated player.

Eg. Adam and Bill played a game, and Adam scored 6VP while Bill scored 4VP. Adam receives 3TP, while Bill receives 0TP.

Victory Point Differential [DIFF]:

Each player subtracts the amounts of VP their opponent scored from the amount of VP that they scored.

Eg. Using the example above, Adam would have +2Diff, while Bill would have -2Diff.

Victory Points [VP]:

This is the amount of points each player earned.

Eg. Using the example above, Adam would have 6VP while Bill would have 4VP.

First round pairings are random. Effort will be made to avoid pairing club mates against one another where possible. After the first round, the TO will pair players based on their Tournament Point (TP) scores. In subsequent games, players will always play other players with similar TP scores & VP Diff.

Tournament Organizer

The Tournament Organizer, or TO, is the sole authority at Malifaux tournaments. TOs are expected to be fair and equitable in their adjudication of debates and rules questions. Regardless of the outcome, a TO’s decision is final.

Players are encouraged to work out simple rules disputes among themselves because the round clock does not stop whilst waiting for the TO to answer questions.


The reason we’re all coming to this event is to have a good time. It goes without saying, but players are expected to behave civilly and respectfully at all times, and treat other players as they would like to be treated. When asked, players should provide the information and stats for their models, as well as any other additional public information. Activations should be played in a timely manner, and players should allow opponents to cut their Decks after shuffling.

There is a zero tolerance for cheating (other than Cheating Fate which is, of course, completely acceptable and encouraged). Players caught cheating by the TO will be immediately disqualified from the tournament.

The Warning System

Players are given a single warning when their behaviour towards other players or the TO is considered unacceptable. If their behaviour persists, and the TO determines the player to be a disruption to the tournament, it is within the TO’s authority to disqualify the player from the tournament. Don’t be that player.

Player Responsibility

You will need to bring with you:

  • Your Crew – Fully Painted
  • Official M2E stat and upgrade cards
  • Tape Measure
  • Fate Deck
  • Rulebook (if you have one)
  • Scheme/Corpse/Scrap counters
  • Pen & Paper
prices are £10 for one day or £17.50 for both days - paypal as gift to joel.henry@talk21.com

Both events can host upto 40 players, and you can attend either day - or both!

Hope to see you there :)




1. Mike Marshall

2. Lee Battrick

3. Will Lambert

4. Darren Thorogood

5. Toby Lewis

6. David Brown


8. Liam Hall

9. Maria Wieland

10. Adam Hutchinson

11. Brookes Martin

12. Michael Hutchinson

13. Greg Piskosz

14. Jimmy Balderstone


16. Peter Ronnmo

17. Ben Harris













1. Chris Hay

2. Mike Marshall

3. Lee Battrick

4. Ben Halford

5. Stuart Snares

6. Darren Thorogood

7. Toby Lewis

8. David Brown

9. Martin Wodehouse

10. Liam Hall

11. Maria Wieland

12. Nicholas Martin

13. Ben Archer

14. Adam Hutchinson

15. Brookes Martin

16. Martin Jones

17. Michael Hutchinson

18. Paul Butler

19. Ade Mills

20. Bruno Santos

21. Mark Elwood

22. Greg Piskosz

23. David Saunders

24. Luke Ingram

25. Keith Watson

26. Carl Brown

27. Aiden Kirk

28. Josh Leak

29. Jimmy Balderstone

30. Ben Harris

31. Sandy Wilson

32. Ant Hoult

33. Peter Ronnmo

34. Luke Cocksedge

35. Dom

36. Tim Brown

37. Rich Godfrey-Oakley

38. Jacob Graham



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Great! Thanks for the initial interest guys - and thanks for the offer of terrain Dave! I will, of course! take you up on it :). Boards however, should not be a problem. The school bought in enough mdf sheets :)

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