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Guild Bamf!


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Hi guys,


Leafing through the guild-possible cards, I've been noticing models that have, at least the potential for many push/place effects.  These are so useful in almost every game that I figure its worth trying to shape a crew (or at least a strike team) around - one that can go with any guild master:


thing is, I know I've probably missed some tricks here, so as well as your comments on this idea's viability, I was wondering if you knew on any effects/models I missed?


So far:


Any crew:


Judge (0) - stand for judgement

Francisco (1) enfrentate a Mi!

Hermanos de armas (upgrade - family, rare 1)

Peacekeeper (1) chain harpoon has a drag trigger

Hunter (1) chain harpoon has a drag trigger

By your side (upgrade - sidir archibal)


Master Specific:


Enslaved Nephilim (1) shackled

McCabe  - (0) take this!

McMourning (0) injection

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Abuela has push triggers on her attacks and gives nearby friendlies an ability to push her.

The executioner sang guild guards have pushes (or places, can't recall) that target enemy scheme markers.

Lady J can push marshalls when she charges with an upgrade.

Though they don't strictly have a push or place, I think death marshalls deserve a place on the list due to pine box, which can accomplish some of the same things a push or place.

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It's probably worth breaking these up into things that can move self, other friendlies or enemy models.  There are certainly Push effects like the Lone Marshal that are essentially just Wk replacements.


good point - I'll take some time this evening to go through the list and break it down a bit more :)

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