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Dora's next steps


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Not usually into grow threads, but I like options.  I haven't paid much attention to Pandora in the new edition, but bought her box today for a great price. 


So my question is where do people tend to go from here with her?  I can tell Teddy and the Doppleganger are great next steps from Wave 1, but what about wave 2?  Who are people looking at for objective runners, defenders (are there any good Woe defenders?), and support?  How do Lelu and Lilitu play with Dora?  Has anyone tried running the smaller games with Candy as a leader?

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the wave 2 models that leaps out of the files for me is the insidious madness.  A great fast minion that has strong synergy, but does a different jobs to the sorrow (and incidentally works well in tandem with one).


also, look at Nekima - a great beatstick with some Wp overlay too - so an alternative to a Teddy.

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I wouldn't recommend the Doppelganger - for that amount of SS, you can gain far more utility by spending that resource on other minions. Even Teddy, although a beat stick - those SS can be used on other minions that offer better synergy for Pandy.


Wave 1 Selection -

Baby Kade Is a very tough, very hard hitting enforcer that also provides you with an option of Lure (nifty for getting opponents into Pandy's kill bubble). Also, he's  a great support model, to come in and do major damage to models engaged by pesky Sorrows, Madnesses and Poltergeist. Not to mention his Manipulative (WP duels).


Wave 2 Selection -

Widow Weaver:  The WW is awesome with Pandy, dishing out webs to debuff WP (and Paralyze/Poison), forcing Horror duels (WP resist - tasty for Pandy) and decent damage output.


Insidious Madness: Apart from their obvious WP synergy with Pandy, their movement make them prime objective runners! 2 of these guys are a must in my opinion.


I use my Sorrows and Poltergeist as back-up objective runners (especially for Cursed Object, Plant Explosives, etc. and other schemes that require them to be close to opponents, because they're going to be up close and personal anyways). The Sorrows' "Misery Loves Company" makes them surprisingly swift.


This is my ubiquitous list of minions -

Widow Weaver

2x Insidious Madness

2x Sorrows


Baby Kade

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you see, I'd say the doppleganger deserves a permanent place in the list myself :)


the synergy isn't direct, but is certainly there:


1) its Wk6.  This makes it a very capable mover and excellent sorrow waypoint.  Pandora needs models that can keep up with her, and that can allow the sorrows to do likewise.  the doppleganger is both


2) manipulative 14 - can cause multiple Wp tests each turn.


3) ill omens.  In a crew that thrives off playing with the opposing crew's activation order (incite and the depression upgrade) then controlling the initiative flips is simply amazing  This can strengthen a good position or rescue a bad one - or simply allow you to set up the incite chain every turn with impunity.  This also really strengthens Candy as a henchman choice.


4) it can punch.  being able to copy the most powerful non-master attack action within 8", and then use it 3 times (with trigger), gives a Pandora crew a way of dealing with threats without having to resort to Wp duels or 1000 cuts.  You can copy your attacks or your opponents, making it very flexible. This enables the doppleganger to be a complement, as well as a synergistic piece with Pandora.


5) it can interact when engaged - an ability that makes it priceless for certain scheme pools.  Since the doppleganger tends not to die as fast as the sorrows or the insidious madness, it can hold ground for things like this too.

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Have you thought of Barbaros? Challenge is a pain to deal with in a lilith list, let alone with damage if you fail. He can nimble, double defensive stance and (0)Challenge to be a real pain.

I actually have thought about Barbaros.  Lilith was my first Master, so he's already a common sight.  Anyone who can knock someone into Baby Kade's knife is a welcome bonus, I think.

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