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Uber Gracie!


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She really didn't change much in the beta save gaining a shiny new upgrade.

I was wondering what other people thought of the old gal.

She's a total tank.

I've played her as a frontline beat stick and she just soaks up damage.

Her reactivate mixed with Eat Your Fill is gnarly to contend with.

Combined with Saddle she becomes a tank and can ferry all save the Rooster Rider wherever she goes.


Saddle is amazing!

She can ferry Burt who does some amazingly tricky things now as well.

She can bring Lenny and bloody the whole field.

She can even bring Somer so the summoning engine can go mobile.


Personally, I think Lenny riding Gracie's a bit much, both balance and fluff wise, but damn is it fun.

I think she became one of my favorite models with the advent of Saddle and Burt's triggers.

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Try taking her with Wong and making her Glowy, min 5 Dmg, ignoring armour, hard to kill and incorporeal and regen +1.


Had a blast with that combo at SmogCon and startled some opponents

Hats off to you sir.

Regen +1 on a Gracie is just nasty since she'll probably be activating twice a turn anyway.

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