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My take on the Rail Crew, Willie, and some markers


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I didn't want to do the metallic or detail work till the bases were complete. Also I didn't want to do the typical "Rails for the Rail crew". Based on the fluff though I could see Ramos having them helping him clean up after a mine collapse or one of his experiments gone awry or something along those lines. Not sure how far or where I will go with these but, I have a ton of tiny gears for stuff like this.
Marching on!
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Thanks guys!


Primed and base-coated the bases and mounted the minis to them. Once everything is dried completely I will start with the metalics, details, and pigments. Thought I had taken a good pic of Mei Feng but I didn't. You can see her kinda in the railworker pic :)
Getting closer.
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Thanks everyone!


Lost some progress pics but I got some work done on the Rail crew. They should be done by next weekend I think. You can see some of the pigment colors I used in the first pic. 
Next I will rust up some of the gears and finish the detail work on the mini's themselves.
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Thanks everyone!


I have numerous skin tone recipes, but for this one I used Reapers Sunburn Flesh (29821) thinned down in sever layers, then a wash of The Army Painter Strong tone. After that was completely dry, I went over it again with some SBF to start drawing out the highlights, Then mixed in some Reaper Suntan Flesh (29822) thinned down in several layers, then I took some STF on its own, then added a tad of Reapers Caucasian Flesh (29823).


The Cogs came from Dragonforge.com. His prices IMHO are pretty reasonable and the quality on his resin is top notch (better than most of the other "popular" guys stuff, at least from my experience). The cogs were white metal though, just saying.


The gears were from a bag of watch gears I purchased on ebay.


The tubes/pipes were from sprues from wyrds new plastics. The broken drill bits were actually used drill bits from pinning stuff....Oh wait I haven't posted pics of those models yet....

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