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Potentials with McCabe


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So I was hoping to get a thread of all models that would synergize well in a McCabe crew. Here are some models that obviously come to mind and some suggestions I have read:





-Guild Hound

-Guild Austringer

-Guild Riflemen

-Guild Pathfinder

-Clockwork Trap


-Ten Thunders Archer

-Katanaka Sniper



There are some limits depending if you play McCabe Guild or Ten Thunders (unless you want to pay outside costs). I put him in Ten Thunders since I consider that his main faction, but I would like to discuss both. So without paying extra cost you cannot take the Peacekeeper outside of Guild and the Ten Thunders Archer, Katanaka Sniper, and Izamu are limited to staying in Ten Thunders.

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Guild Warden could also be an interesting option. It's a Guardsman so either faction can take it. It's fairly tough and resilient. Can dish out a fair amount of hurt and can be an additional source of paralyze.


Izamu with some Punk Zombies could be interesting to try out if your going Ten Thunders. Reactivating one of those guys could REALLY ruin somebodies day

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The two models I take the most with McCabe *after Luna* are Guild Hounds and Wardens.  Obviously if I am playing Guild I can have more of the stuff, but even under 10T I generally take two hounds and two Wardens *Guild I tend to 3-4 hounds and 2 wardens*.  My reasoning is that both combine well with McCabe's upgrades and are quite effective at different tasks for their points.  Certain schemes become simple making your opponent fight an uphill battle to get enough to try and catch up.  They are also a cheap enough grouping that it allows me a fair amount of activations once I throw Luna in but leaves enough for some slightly more expensive models to round out the crew.


Generally at this point I look to a Henchmen or enforcer in the crew.  Ama No Zako is a pretty solid one for 10T, but so is Fuhatsu thanks to Nimble and pushes.  Ototo might be a nice one too but I have not tried him yet *partially cause I cannot get his paint job right*.  For guild I look to Francisco first, followed by Ryle, the peacekeeper, or exuctioner.


After that it is rounding the crew out.  For Guild I generally look to a Witchling Stalker or a single Rifleman, for 10T it is more varied as I often pick what might suit the enemy faction or terrain.



Side Note:

High River Monks are also pretty interesting with McCabe.  If you give them the Saber and they go charging, you can get three attacks with it.  With the 4" push, their 2" push, 6" charge, and 1" reach with the saber, you have a pretty nice threat range that alot of it gets around severe terrain and weave and get out of combat.

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With running so many hounds do you not have a problem with your opponent just picking them off? I imagine it depends on the faction, but I would think a crew with a few decent range options could pick them off rather quickly (I might be wrong because I am used to playing Guild which always is packing heat).

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having run Luna and 3 hounds several times myself - yes you will lose a couple of dogs.  However, this is generally only after they have already achieved their goals for the game.   The dogs don't tend to be the focus of attacks, but rather attacks of opportunity for the opponent.  After all, killing one usually uses up 2AP, and really doesn't help you much in itself.  The trick in using them is not to put them in places where your opponent's logical choice is to be killing them.


Picking off the hounds certainly drops down the opponent's priorities when several beatsticks get in his face too. :) 

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Luna + 3 Hounds = 13ss so really not a major investment, you still have plenty of SS left to bulk out with some heavies. They get around so fast it's not even funny. If you also happen to have say an Austringer, Executioner and Sidir in the crew people are probably going to be more worried about the Machine Gun, Douche Bird and Executioner's Claws trudging their way towards them rather than a few hounds that will distract them from the main objectives. 


Hounds (in my opinion) fulfill two primary roles. Objective grabbers first and foremost, they are fast and work well in pairs without Luna or on their own with Luna. Once they have achieved whatever goals they were given they can act like chaff. Distracting or harassing the enemy, blocking charges or holding up enemy models to prevent them getting to where they need to be. This is a practive many Warhammer Fantasy players use. I tend to apply the same logic to hounds, they do what they gotta do then I send them off like guided missiles. If they die, never mind it's 3ss and the enem more than likely wasted an entire activation doing it. If not they may very well kill something or achieve further objectives. Either way you can't really go far wrong

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Vp bomb hounds are also very possible with McCabe and Luna - if you have schemes like plant explosives or deliver a message.  For example


McCabe activates and uses black flash on a hound - then passes the badge of speed to that hound, pushing it 4"

Luna then activates and moves up to keep the hound in its +1wk aura

let the rest of your crew go - have some fun, let the enemy move about


the nimblehound then activates and moves 21" more.  since it probably started 6" up the board at the edge of its deployment zone, and got the push, its pretty much anywhere it wants to be.


if its not close enough, it has another 6" and a deliver a message, or 12" and plant explosives at the right spot to catch 3 enemy models.


turn 1.

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Following tonight's vassal game - add Mr.Graves (sir!) and his slimy buddy Tannen to the list - both work a treat. The combination of the push from graves and upgrades being passed from McCabe make Tannen very speedy - gets his chatty into place.

The "show ya the door" is also boosted by promises, as it's a Ml attack, so can save you cards.

I'll be happily trying these two again.

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I will throw out one more 10T model I found interesting with McCabe of late, the  10T brother.  Not alot to look at first but if you have one and Luna you can use her (0) action to give the 10T brother Df7 with Defensive +1 to make it hard to remove.  Add into this that its own (0) action can give it armor or a heal to prolong its life and it can tank a little.  With McCabe also it can get his glowing saber then use its (0) action to get 4" reach with it.  Not only can it shut down alot of charges but it can still get some decent swings in with the Saber.


So not great per say with McCabe but works very well with Luna for making a model that can potientally tie up even a beatstick for a turn or two.

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