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Hoffman(n) for the first time!

E.T.A. Hoffman

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Lol, I just noticed that myself and Wyrd spelled Hoffmann wrong! E.T.A. Hoffmann is spelled with two N's and E.T.A Hoffmann is clearly the basis of Hoffman and Coppelious (Spelling?!) ;D


Anyway, I tried this guy out for the first time and holy cow! Fast and brutal.


Let's not even worry about how much mobility Hoffman's crew has with the ability to get pushed by him and the ability to get nimble and the effect of tessla upgrade.


I made a peace keeper armor 3 with nimble and the ability to drop his upgrade for rams for the turn, which makes him min damage 5! Take a Guardian and spread the open circuit and make the PC Ml 7!!! Take a corraphee and make him def 6!


Another fun trick, take the SS Miner, keep him near Hoffman. Give Hoffy a stone ever turn and have Hoffy blow up a scrap for the 3" healing. Since the bots keep close for max effect, its going to heal more than 1 guy so it's useful enough that way. But, you can easily get four or more stones in a game if nobody kills the Miner. Have the Miner sit on an objective and as an activation waster so you didn't just take a 6 stone model to get 4 stones back after a 16 AP.


Anyone see other tricks or have comments or concerns about the AWESOME that is Hoffsman?

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I'm using Hoffman for the ToMB project, so I've got a few articles there on my observations thus far. 


Want to make sure you're only using one Modification upgrade per construct. Sounded like you were stacking them on the Peacekeeper, which is verbotten unless I'm missing something. 

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Definitely!  Because my plan was to put them all on the PC and that's not very interesting.


Right now, I'm feeling like Hoffman might be on the 'little too good' side. Just a gut reaction but I foresee lots of players going, "no! you don't get to be def 6 with 7 wounds, and armor 1 with a def trigger for armor 3 AND ml 6/7 on ALL your models!" lol

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