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Well thanks a lot Wyrd. You kept me up until 4 AM by giving me my PDF copy of Through the Breach. I'm super tired heading to work this AM and honestly can't wait to get home and stay up until 4 AM again.

Love the new art and can't wait to play, probably be running a session this weekend.

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Very solid and I think it's going to be quite different than any RPG I've ever played. From what I can tell so far it's much more focused on story than beating down doodz for XP. There is still tons of room to advance your character, so those of you looking for that side of the game don't worry. I've still got to crunch through the rules, but I'm very much looking forward to it. May have to put the IKRPG campaign that I was going to start at the end of the month on hold to get some of TtB going.

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Through the Breach definitely delivers on what it was supposed to do - create fun, narrative-focused adventures through Malifaux.


I do have some complaints, but they all essentially come down to the same two things:


1) It's ridiculously easy to break the system and create game-ruining spells and powers. This can obviously be overcome by just avoiding those pitfalls, but if you're the sort of person who finds it hard to resist optimising your characters, this will bug you.


For example, my current character is a Cultist of December who uses ice magic. Her main attack spell is (usually) a Ca 6, Rg 10", 3/4(b)/5(B) Dg nuke which auto-paralyses anyone damaged by it. Oh, and it doesn't have a gun icon, so it can be used freely while engaged or to fire into melee without randomising. That's already sickeningly powerful by Malifaux standards, and is tempered only by the fact that she requires a Tome to cast it - but if I'd taken a more optimised talent at creation, she would have that Tome built and be, in effect, a more powerful nuker than Rasputina. Did I mention that every time she fails to cast the spell she gets to draw a card? She's a hand-grooming machine.


(Note: I wouldn't play this character in a normal game, as she's just too one-dimensional. We're playing a combat-focused romp through the Quarantine Zone, so playing an ice cannon works fine - but she makes creating balanced encounters a challenge for our GM, since very little can stand up to her punishment for long.)


2) There's a lot of detail in some areas, and a lot lacking in others. Stuff like guns gets pages and pages of essentially meaningless detail which could have been boiled down to just a handful of profiles with a set of build options, while other areas like construct creation get barely any attention at all. I'm hoping this will be addressed in the follow-up books.


Those problems aside, we've been having a blast with the game so far, and it carries itself primarily on the strength of the setting.

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