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De Cantiacorumj ludi magna - Canterbury, Kent, 17th May


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Hi all,

    A ranked tournament to be held in Canterbury, 17th May at the home of the canterbury crusaders - Spring Lane Neighbourhood Centre, Sussex Avenue, Canterbury, CT1 1RT


This will be fixed master  (dual masters must declare a faction)

45 Soulstones

4 games

Registration starts at 9 am

We will be following the gaining grounds rulepack so please look at that for details.

We will use the different deployment types and the strats laid out by the gaining grounds document, the 4th strat will be chosen closer to the event (may even be flipped on the day to add wackiness to the event, rock and roll I know)

There will be a few tweaks

Models have to be minimum undercoated, (please note there will be a hobbyist/sportsman award which takes in account whether you have used painted crews)

Proxies are allowed, but at the discretion of your opponent, (so bring along the actual model just incase)

Card cutting can do one!!!

(obviously still offer but it is not mandatory)



The ticket price £10, please pay as a gift to this paypal thingymajig - shopping@ajgad.f9.co.uk


There is talk about a meal afterwards if anyone is staying or would like to extend their awesome day out


The VIP's (well people who are coming)

1. Adran

2. Crikeymiles

3. Mr Mike Malifaux Marshall

4. Tarantio

5. Jackal007

6. Mr Reeves

7. Floso

8. Patrick

9. Mr Brindley

10. David Brown

11. Tim Brown

12. Jondoe297

13. The boy aka jackal

14. Pox

15. Leebat

16. Glenn

17. Scott

18. Richard b

19. Rufus

20. Haydn

21. Zac

22. Panzer harris

23. Pete

24. Ben

25. Aaron

26. Jan

27. Blu tack Bursnell




Canter local?


Please note Joe is organizing a meal after the tournie and is hoping to book it on Thursday, can you drop a message on here if interested.

Also rules pack is found on page 5 . . . .

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Thanks to all of those who have shown interest and especially those who have paid already.


just a quick line to say i have heard from those wonderful people at Element Games for giving us the first lump of prizes, meaning that we are now no longer playing for the first lick of the lollipop.


hope that this will now prompt more to sign up, as the more we get the better the contributions.


thanks once again



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