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Malifaux March Releases


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Straight from a Wyrd newsletter:


WYR20110 - The Lone Marshal - $35.00

WYR20214 - Flesh Constuct with Victim - $15.00

WYR20411 - Teddy - $18.00

WYR20514 - Killjoy - $18.00

WYR20706 - Fuhatsu - $30.00

WYR20707 - Monks of Low River (3 Pack) - $21.00


WYR0061 -     Translucent Orange 30mm (10) -     $5.00
WYR0062 -     Translucent Orange 40mm (5) -     $5.00
WYR0063 -     Translucent Orange 50mm (3) -     $5.00
WYR0064 -     Translucent Rootbeer 30mm (10) -     $5.00
WYR0065 -     Translucent Rootbeer 40mm (5) -     $5.00
WYR0066 -     Translucent Rootbeer 50mm (3) -     $5.00
WYR0067 -    Clear 30mm (10) -     $5.00
WYR0068 -    Clear 40mm (5) -     $5.00
WYR0069 -    Clear 50mm (3) -     $5.00

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To be honest, I'm overly disappointed with those miniatures.


Lone Marshal - I know people who don't play Malifaux, but bought the Riflemen box (let's be honest with that - those are one of the best miniatures in the wargaming industry). I think Marshal might be a nice addition to them.


Teddy - I think the face is the problem. Previous Teddys (Teddies?) had much more dramatic and scary faces (all 3 of them).


Killjoy - I love it. Especially those small details, like chains on the face.


Fuhatsu - I think they went too much into "funny" style of this miniature. I hate the face, I hate the pants in hearts on the art.


Monks - over all quite nice, but a bit boring. They don't offer much in the terms of diversity. Comparing them to Oiran (different faces and weapons), Torakage (brawler, girl, skinny type + different weapons) or even 10T Archers (although identical in terms of clothing, they differ so much in the poses offered), i think Monks are just... They are like grunt soldiers - those second and third ranks, which are barely recognisable.


I much more prefer McMourning and Nikodem starters, even though I'm far from being a Ressers fan. Gee, in fact they're on my wishlist during March shopping.

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Really think they screwed up the 3D rendering of the monks, especially the one who's depicted in the book (the one with an open hand held up to his chest). In his artwork he looks poised and balanced, whereas in the render he looks like he's about to topple backwards. For some reason his centre of gravity has been shifted back significantly. Also, there are way too many creases and folds in their cloaks, it makes the material look too light.


The marshall looks great though, can't wait to pick him up! Glad they went for a more dynamic looking horse.

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I like almost everything except the Marshall. That's one dull mini. Also the price is kind of crazy for just a dude on a horse. McCabe's box set has 5 more guys and a dog for 5 bucks more...


I am psyched to get Killjoy, as he's a model I really hated the sculpt of previously and thought it looked like undead Fat Bastard. I do wish he had a loincloth or something, as his lack of junk still feels odd. 


The monks look a bit off, like their legs are too long or something. Cool outfit design though. 

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Warstore has a number of things still listed for march:

-Govs Proxy



-Dawn Serpent

*Fingers Crossed*

Here's hoping! Pretty please!!


Don't cross your fingers too much - this is Wyrd's official release list, they're not likely to suddenly add those in during the month. They even said Q2 for most of that lot in the last chronicles. 


Warstore is wrong, it seems.

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I like almost everything except the Marshall. That's one dull mini. Also the price is kind of crazy for just a dude on a horse. McCabe's box set has 5 more guys and a dog for 5 bucks more...

McCabe's box is kind of a bargain, though, so maybe not a fair comparison. But compared to the Flesh Construct with victim, the Lone Marshall is over double that. I mean, sure, the horse is beefier than the Flesh Construct and the Marshall looks cooler than the victim, but still that is rather a hefty price increase.

I have to say that I don't like the comicality of Fuhatsu at all. Doesn't fit in with the look of the game - it's similar humor to the old first edition Flesh Construct.

The Monks are boring and a bit weirdly proportioned but kinda OK.

I really don't like the Flesh Construct's metal diaper nor Wyrd's love of extra models in the models.

As for Teddy, I feel that the face isn't as good as the previous teddies' but maybe it's the render. Also a bit worried about the texture in the back - this is certainly a model that needs to be seen as a model as opposed to a render to fully judge.

Finally, Killjoy. I really don't like the original so this is an improvement over that but I'm not all that thrilled with this one, either. He looks a bit boring but OTOH also fiddly.

Compared to the two previous release sets, this month is certainly a disappointment but you can't please everyone all the time so no biggie, really.

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I'm glad that they changed the Lone Marshal's horse. The beta art had it in a painfully unnatural pose.

Teddy and Killjoy look suitably monstrous, and are improvements on the originals.

I like that the Flesh Construct's victim makes it look different from the one in the McMourning box.

Fuhatsu is hideous, but not in a good way.

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I really like the new Teddy, a lot! Kinda like the new Killjoy. I agree with Math on the metal diaper, it's horrible. The price tag on lone marshall that costs 8ss in game but holds the price tag of an entire crew is a pass. Fuhatsu is just plain one of the worst models I've seen.

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