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35/45ss Hoffman?


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Hey returning player and I have always wanted to play with ze robots.


Problem is I have no idea how to start with Hoffman.  I want to be able to take all the toys (Joss, Peacekeeper ect) but they are all so expensive and will be a very small model count.


Any advice on what would be a decent list (theres a 45ss tourny in a months time so I need to know what sorta things to start ordering in) about what to take with him would be ahmazing.  Do you just go all big guys or what little guys do you take and the ratio of this?


Many thanks peeps

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I quite like having 2 Watchers for scheme running. I run Hoff with Arcanist Assets and Field Mechanic and on the first turn 0 to drop a scrap marker and use that scrap to put Programmed Directive on a watcher and try to get the trigger on Update Hardware so I can then put Hydraulics on the other Watcher for just 1 AP. With Acanist Assets even if you don't hire in an Arcanist construct you get access to a great 0 that heals a construct and drops a scrap marker to heal more with Improvised Repairs or use the marker for a Modification. I also tend to run his totem and a Guardian. Between the 2 Hoff becomes a bit harder to take down. He has such a great selection of beat sticks that that will come down to personal choice. Joss, Langston, Ryle, and Peacekeeper are all top notch for that spot, but as you said they're all expensive and more than 2 of them in a list can be rough when trying to fit more bodies into the crew.

Good luck and please let us know how your tournament goes.

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My experience has been comparable to what others have said above. I use the Peacekeeper mostly out of a nod to the previous Hoff, but I could see where the beater role would possibly come down to personal preference. That said, don't overlook the Peacekeeper's (0) to blow up enemy scheme markers. Could be a game winner in the right circumstances. 

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