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Breach Brawl #2! March 22nd in Milwaukee, WI

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Milwaukee will be holding another M2E Malifaux Tournament and Painting Competition on Saturday, March 22nd in Milwaukee at The Board Game Barrister @ Bayshore Mall!!!

Address: 5800 North Bayshore Drive, Suite A-115
Glendale, WI 53217
Phone: 414-963-2100

Registration: 11AM
First Game begins at 12PM

Cost of Entry is $10. This will also cover one entry in the Painting Competition. Each additional entry will cost an additional $5.

Tournament Format:

*3 Rounds, 90min/round.
*Single Faction
*50 Soulstones
*Round pairing will be done randomly.
*Wave One and Two models ONLY. If there is errata for cards you must have it with you.  Proxies are ONLY allowed if a model is not yet released by WYRD.  All models must be WYRD models if they are already in production.
*Must have all models, Tape Measure, Cards, Fate Deck, and Scheme Markers.
*Terrain is not to be moved unless both players agree upon its placement and gets the okay from the Tournament Organizer (TO).
*Deployment will all be Standard Deployment.
*Games will go until turn 5 or time runs out. If time runs out before turn 5, all actions stop at the designated time and Scores are recorded from there.
*At the end of each round it is the player's responsibility to give his Match totals to the TO.
*Scoring will be determined by total Tournament Points (TP) Scored as Win=2 points, Tie=1 point, Lose=0 points, followed by total VP and Differentials for Tie-Breakers
*If there are an odd number of players and a Bye must be issued, the player receiving the Bye will Receive the Tie amount of TP and 10 VP and 10 Differential.

Round 1:

Depolyment:  Standard
Strat: Reckoning
Scheme Pool: LITS, Distract, Assassination, Entourage, Plant Evidence

Round 2:

Depolyment: Corner
Strat: Squatter's Rights
Scheme Pool: LITS, Bodyguard, Breakthrough, Plant Evidence, Cursed Object

Round 3:

Deployment:  Standard
Strat: Recconnoiter
Scheme Pool: LITS, Make Them Suffer, Plant Explosives, Outflank, Vendetta

Scoring will be finalized at the end for First, Second, and Third place.

Painting Contest: Single Model

*You will be given a number for each entry that you have. Scoring for the entries will be completed by players who did NOT enter the painting competition. 
*Each Judge will write down three entries in the order of first (3 points), second (2 points), and third place (1 point). 
*Tallies will be totaled at the end to determine First, Second, and Third place.

Event Schedule:
11AM: Registration
12PM-1:30PM: Round 1
1:30PM-2:30PM: Break For Lunch
2:30PM-2:45PM: Match Pairing and Table Assignment
2:45PM-4:15PM: Round 2
4:15PM-4:30PM: Match Pairing and Table Assignment
4:30PM-6:00PM: Round 3
6:00PM-6:15PM: Final Tally and Model selection for Painting Contest
6:15PM-6:45PM: Painting Contest
6:45PM-7:30PM: Final Tally and Award Ceremony

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