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That is some stunning work. Balanced colours and very smooth style.

The NMM is really nice too, if I had to be picky I'd suggest looking at bringing in a final tiny bit of highlighting in pure white, just where the light catches to make it look even glossier, but as it is it works really well with the rest of the paintjob so I wouldn't say it's anything that was needed.

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These are really good. Here are three things I like about them:


1) Taelor's hair. It's great. Dirty blond, distinct from the skin-tone but similar enough in value to be believable as natural blonde. I wish I could paint blond hair like that!


2) Your bases. Stone next to grass isn't uncommon, but the way you've composed the colors on the base with the colors on the miniature shows real attention to detail. I think they enhance the paint without distracting from the sculpt - really nice!


3) The muted palette. You haven't done any extreme highlighting or high contrast color schemes, which would be easy to do to "add drama" to these minis. Instead, you've gone for clean painting and simple colors (though there are some neat tricks hidden in the mix: the NMM on Taelor and the Ronin's pistol, the Ronin's striped pants, and the green/violet contrast on Taelor). It's a great choice.


Eager to see more!

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Thanks for the comments. Finished painting the last Ronin and started painting one of the Victorias but had a bit of a setback when the minis fell down head first the painting table and the swords snapped. Since there was no real way to repair it I ordered the new plastic box which turned out to be a good thing since the sculpts where a lot better then I expected. Finished painting the student of conflict from the new box also finished painting Vanessa.  


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