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Dedicated Malifaux board

Ross Whitehorn

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As I'm going to be teaching new players at my club, and my girlfriend is very much into the game, I've started work on a 3x3 board.


I want to integrate a dockside, a graveyard and a small town section. It won't be permanently fixed so that I can mix it up each game and keep the board for other uses!


The dockside is made from the Goblin Town in GW's Hobbit set:



I'm trying to work out the best layout for this without limiting a board edge. I plan to add boats in the gaps which may be traveled across, to expand the usable area.


It ended up a bit like this (sans boats):



To add to this, I have some Western buildings from Micro Art Studio:




...and hopefully a second hand Garden of Morr!

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Yeah, my local game store has a bayou table that makes use of the Goblin Town boardwalks. The guy that made it is also my next-door neighbor... heh...  ;)


Playing Malifaux on the "wharfs" is REALLY fun, and adds a great dynamic to the game, rather than just flat ground with buildings and fences/walls/hedges as cover. It really stretches your tactical thinking.


I can't wait to see this board finished!!!

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