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Hello, I am excited to see the new Hoffman cards are out and can't wait to start playing him again. I was approaching a state of competency with the v1 Hoffman yet didn't play him during the beta so I'm a little clueless on all but the basics that I read on the cards and questionable holdovers from v1.


I would appreciate any insights on running Hoff in the new edition.

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It's shameless plugging, but my master for the ToMB project is Hoffman. The last several posts on my blog have been on this topic (see the link in the signature.) 


He's kind of a Collodi-esque puppet master, but with much tougher puppets. He has a ton of healing off of scrap markers, and his modification upgrades make for a cool mechanic of patching your robots as necessary to give them boosts as necessary. 

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I really like Arcanist Assets on him in conjunction with Field Mechanic. Gives access to some more good constructs, a heal for the cost of an upgrade that drops a scrap as well that you can use either for more healing or getting a Modification upgrade back onto a construct.

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