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A couple of Ortega questions


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So I've been looking over the Ortegas, and I have a couple of rules questions I'm hoping everyone can answer. These are probably pretty straightforward answers, but the wording on a few things is throwing me and I'd like to be sure of the answer before I play a game and unintentionally/accidentally cheat someone. Here goes!

1) Francisco's El Mayor rule: it says to choose another friendly model within 2 inches to gain the Wp & Df buff, but I've seen people on the forums saying he can target himself with it. Is this true? When it says another model it makes me think he can't target himself, but if he can that'd be awesome

2) Santiago's Frenzied Barrage trigger off of his Modified Peacebringer: off the card it reads "After damaging, immediately perform a Modified Peacebringer Attack against the same target." It doesn't say that the attack can't declare any triggers, so if you have a small fortune in Masks would you be able to keep popping shots until you failed? I really want to say no on this, but I'd like to be sure

I had a few more questions that I don't remember at the moment, but any feedback on these two would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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As far as I know this has not been FAQed because I don't think it needs to be.  It clearly says choose another friendly model, I cannot see how this can target himself.  Nor can I think of any rule in the book that says the only distinctions are friendly or other friendly.  I mean the definition of 'another' is pretty clear here I think.

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Fancisco's updated card can be found here http://wyrd-games.net/community/files/file/22-malifaux-card-updates/


It specifically states "another friendly model"


Santiago can in fact declare Triggers on attacks generated by Triggers. It's not like the Judges Blades and Bullets trigger which specifically states the bonus attcks cannot declare Triggers. This is why he is the BOSS! Hurl Perdita or Fancisco into melee then have him rapid fire into combat around them and what the carnage ensue!  :D

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