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Connor's Malifaux Models


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A few more pics I forgot to post up. TBH not so happy with the red beckoner, but I fancied giving it a go because I want to be able to link them in with Lucius later on. Also my metal Pandora crew from a little while back, not happy with Pandora either.


BTW Monkeyboy30672 that teddy in your pic is sweet!







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I slept briefly...


Thanks about the Yellow. The idea was to match up with Jen's Thunders, but I also think it works well considering Lynch's 'establishment' is called 'The Honey-Pot'


I wish I could extend the story arc. I'd have Lynch used his now excessive wealth to move into the food industry. He's open up eateries which sold chicken fried in the southern manner. His recipe would, of course, contain a certain secret ingredient...

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These are VERY well done, Prox!!! I love the Mr. Graves model!!!! The subtle shading of the white (what colors are you using, by the way??)... the stunningly muted pastel of the yellow... the lightly highlighted black...  and even the soft bluish tones in the flesh... I love that!


And thanks for the compliment on my Teddy... He was truly a joy to paint.  :)

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Wow! Thanks for the ego boost. Sometimes it feels like you're fighting an uphill struggle when constantly comparing you work to Jen.


As for colours the white is simply basecoated GW's Rakarth Flesh (many times in very thing coats) and then adding progressive levels of palid wych flesh. Exactly the same thing with the yellow, except with Averland sunset as the base. The blue (which is actually Daemonette hide) was there to demonstrate that they are actually neverborn and darkened.


Thanks again!

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I have been working on some Malifaux proxies over the weekend. The sguigs are my gups (I green stuffed tails, scales and big eyes on them) and the empire merchant and scribe are my guild lawyer and scribe for Lucius. I don't like the symbols on the back of the lawyer, I think the rest of the crew will have the same patterns as the scribe.


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I managed to get third in #MFXTOP ! Really chuffed! http://malibros.blogspot.co.uk/


You might be thinking, 'stop resting on your laurels and paint some more figures!' and it would be fair! Recently I have been working on terrain for #shamelessplug #goodbadfated a tournament running in Sunderland. You can see some finished stuff here: http://wyrd-games.net/community/topic/98832-the-good-the-bad-and-the-fated-malifaux-tournament-may-24th-sunderland/?hl=%2Bgood+%2Bfated which I will be adding a lot more stuff to.


Anyway, hope to get some more figures up here soon!

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