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Jen's Painting Thread


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Hi all,


I recently finished my first Malifaux crew, and have umm-ed and ahh-ed for a couple of weeks before finally deciding to go for it and post them up here. Any comments and constructive criticism will be appreciated.


Misaki and Shang:



Ototo and Yamaziko:











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Lovely work though I would recommend using more lights. Specifically I would recommend a light aimed up from in front of the models, the shadows are obscuring all that hard work. If possible I would also set your lens aperture higher to increase your depth of field. That will reduce the blurring that you are seeing in a lot of those photos.


Really like how the whites look like Ivory.

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Thanks for the positive comments everyone! I've had a go at improving the lighting for some close-ups of the free-hand, but I haven't managed to sort out the camera to reduce the blurring yet... I think the free-hand comes out okay though.






Each member of the crew has a different Chinese zodiac animal, but some of them came out better than others... the dragon is definitely my favourite!

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The blurring you're having in spots is due to "depth of field". By setting the camera to shoot at a higher aperture setting (f/11, f/16, f/22 or higher), you will have more depth on your model of what is exactly in focus.


Set your camera on Macro mode, too, and zoom the lens in about 2/3 of the total distance it can zoom. Then just move the camera forward as much as it can and still be able to auto-focus on the point of the model you'd like to shoot. There may be some blurring on some areas, though, but the area you're focusing on should be clear and crisp.


And, always remember... the closer you put the camera to the subject, the more light you need. That's why these close-ups are darker than the others, even though they're shot under the same lights.

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Hi Monkeyboy30672, thanks for your advice about the camera - I will try to follow it for my next set of photos, and hopefully produce a better result.


Hi Malidave, I'm glad you like it! I use a Winsor & Newton Series 7 brush, size 2, miniature. The paints are Games Workshop's current range, quite watered down. I tend to work from a photo or paper sketch, so I know exactly what I'm planning to paint. I normally sketch out the design in one colour first - in this case dark purple - and then highlight from there. The most important thing is probably to keep the paints nice and thin, so that you get clean lines and keep the overall surface smooth. Hope that helps!

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So, I've been meaning to put the effort into improving my sculpting for some time now. Knowing this, Connor (my boyfriend) bought me a few models for my birthday, because I always struggle getting the proportions right. My first project is trying to sculpt him a model to use as Lucius. We're pretty new to Malifaux, don't have many of the old models, and since he isn't keen of some of the models in Lucius's box set, and its going to be a while before new models are released, it seemed like a good idea at the time.


I was doing okay, but now I seem to have stalled a bit... sculpting of the shoulders and sleeves of his coat feels like a big job, so I thought I should just post up what I've done so far, and wait for more inspiration to strike!



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Thanks! The dragon is definitely my favourite.


I suspect I'm a long way from being good enough (or fast enough) to be a sculptor! For now, I think I'd just like to get better at large-scale conversions - I've done plenty of smaller things like boots, belts, bits of fur, but never a full model.

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