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Hey from Manchester and a little bit of Swansea


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Hey there,


Been lurking and interested in Malifaux for a while with picking up the Colette crew some time ago with a few M2E beta & wave 2 games with a friend.  Now looking to get into regular gaming in the North West with my girlfriend too who has Kirai.  


Am back in Swansea on occasions where I believe Gamer's Emporium is looking to get introduction games going.


Will be in Shefiled on the 2nd March for my first tournament :)

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I just signed up on the forum I am new to Malifaux after my mate and I bought a crew each on a recent visit to Element Games. We play Infinity and Hordes but have quite taken to Malifaux too.


I am just painting up the Raspy crew (almost finished) and have some Vikks too. I've been playing the Ressers against Sonnia over at my mates house until I sort my crew out.


I'm over in Bacup which is about 7 miles from Rochdale. I will be moving work in about a month to Stockport but still living here so hoping to get the odd game in over at Element but would like to hear from anyone near here that fancies a game.

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