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McCabe and Ama No Zako


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So, I was in a 4 player team game.  I was running this weird 10T McCabe crew (Ama No Zako, Luna, 4 wastrels and a butt-ton of upgrades).  My team didn't do so hot.


the moral of the story, however, is that McCabe dumped a few upgrades Ama's way and she was able to hold down all of my opponent's Sonnia crew while McCabe and my wastrels dropped off scheme markers for me.


She carried smoke grenades and McCabe tossed her the Elixir upgrade.


I liked Ama and McCabe working together, it was fun having something as hitty as her on his crew.  Any ideas on how to optimize this duo or make it a bit more goofy?



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I have liked the threat that having Recall Training on Ama No Zako has granted me.  Getting that Positive to all flips, namely damage, has make her kind of scary in the damage department if I crafted a strong hand.  Being able to cheat in Moderate 5 damage or even a single Severe 7 can change a conflict with someone's beatstick.  The problem I had with it at times have been people trying to stay away from her knowing this.  McCabe can solve this by throwing the Badge of Speed to her to give her Nimble and a 4" push, effectively netting her 10" before she charges.

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I toss around the Badge all the time, I just generally set myself up so that I can, when I activate McCabe next turn, pull it back so he can cast Black Flash again before tossing it again.  It is the upgrade I throw around the most *Almost every turn*.  I like having him float near where I think the model with the Badge will end up so I can retrieve it.  I have to be really careful of Lure lists because of this.

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