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A newcomer with a question


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Hi there,


Perhaps this has been asked before and I just missed it, in that case please forgive me for asking again.


In any case, I currently have the 1st edition of Puppet Wars without any expansions, yet I'm wondering if I should try to hand that off and go into the game with Unstitched. As it is now I haven't really had the time/chance to play the 1st edition, so I'm not really predisposed for any of the versions (although I do like the heft of a metal mini)


I consider myself a casual boardgamer as well as a tabletop wargamer (having some experience with Malifaux). 


I hope some of you would be so kind to give your opinion/recommendation of which version to stay with (as I can't really see myself having both versions)

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It depends how much time you invested already in basing/painting the minis. If you didn't do much, the Unstitched version has :

1- A box full with 44 miniatures, all nicely detailed (I think the original came with 18 IIRC, before the expansions that is)

2- From what I read, much sleeker rules

3- a larger playing board

4- Less markers (you can print them, they are available here on the forum)


Personnaly, I love my unstitched box :D

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Yes, Unstitched is a great improvement, and the new plastic models are amazing. Unfortunately both the rules and stat cards changed, so you'll need to buy the box as the cards aren't available separately (unfortunately) - though they are on the PW website.


...and to add to the list above, the new moulded toolbox & blocking terrain markers are a big improvement.

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