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Hobbytime @ Halifaux, 27th April, Halifax UK


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Welcome to Hobbytime @ Halifaux, in association with the Pennine Raiders Gaming Club.

I wanted to test out a new format for an event - something a bit more free-form and casual than the standard competitive tournament.

The idea is essentially for people to:

1) Get a full day of action packed Malifaux gaming

2) Have the opportunity to play games against people outside their usual club circles

Standard encounters, story encounters, whatever you fancy - there'll be plenty of tables and scenery provided and ready to go. Think of it like a club night at your local, but 100% Wyrd and with guaranteed fresh opponents. There'll be no scoring and no winners, but hopefully a lot of fun and probably a raffle prize or two.

I'll be running Malifaux demos all day for anyone who wants familiarising with the rules before they dive in, and there should be plenty of experienced players about to talk tactics and give advice.

I'm aiming to get a hobby/painting table set up for in-between games, and http://www.miniature-painting-lessons.co.uk/ should hopefully be on hand with a drop-in hobby clinic to offer a bit of painting and advice to get you up to the next level.

I'm thinking 16 people will be needed to make this worthwhile. With any luck I'll be able to rustle up a decent West Yorkshire contingent... Who fancies coming up/down/across to face us?


Belgrave Social Club, Halifax, HX3 6AW


Sunday 27th April 9:30am - 6:00pm


£5.00 payable on the day

1. Geraint Osborn

2. James Doxey

3. Chris Southwell

4. Chris Hay

5. Andy Praetorian

6. Paul Greenland

7. Paul Butler

8. Adam Boyes

9. Jakab Sennett

10. Paul Gibbon

11. Matt Coates

12. Dave Wilkinson

13. Dave Waye

14. Richard deValmont

15. Jimmy Balderstone

16. Dave Millington

17. Charlotte Burton



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Pretty sure a lift can be arranged - it's only a 5 minute drive. The walk isn't far, but it's *severely* uphill.


Drop me a message on twitter if you think you'll need picking up and we'll sort something out.


I appreciate Sunday trains can be inconvenient time-wise, so if anyone's having difficulties drop me a line.

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Thanks Mike. For me coming from Manchester there is not actually a train that will get me there before 11am. So I will just hire a car. It is actually the same price (slightly more) than getting the train anyway and much more convenient! So all is good!

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I'm up for anything. I have been playing Lilith only but fancy trying out neverborn Lucius or my Hamelin crew


Playing Somer mainly although could try Ophelia. Will try any Gremlin master as long as people not bothered by proxies (eg Somer is master A/B/C if need be). Still waiting on my Brewmaster Wyrd ;)


Would be interested in looking at 10T stuff if people have it, looking at maybe expanding.. MAYBE.......

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