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Getting hold of characters from box sets?

Doc T

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Last year, during Gen Con, I found someone who wanted the new Ice Gamin and Ice Golem models but didn't want Rasputina. I really wanted Raspy because I wanted to paint her in Khador red and use her in Malifaux and Warmachine, but I have the old Gamin / Golem models painted up and I'm satisfied with them for playing. I think he gave me $30 for the gamin and golem models, so Raspy only cost me $15 plus some shipping. 


i'd bet there is someone on here who wants the new Ramos, but isn't interested in Joss (or already has a Joss they are happy with) and would jump at the opportunity to get some help buying a box. 

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Probably such a person exists, and likely their Joss will be snapped up by one of their personal friends.


Even if the M2e plastics was the first release of Malifaux, there would still be more people that want to field Joss than there are people who want to field Ramos. (because all Ramos players want Joss, and many non-Ramos Arcanist players want to have him available...)


I don't mean to be a downer here, but I really think you need to find alternate solutions.


I'm also in the same boat, and I've come up with three options:

1. Buy the box and try to sell/ebay/etc the rest.

2. Get the old metal Joss.

3. Proxy.

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