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Executioner with Lucius


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So here is my thought.  I haven't had a chance to try this yet with Executioner, but I have done it with Ryle, and I think it would work similarly.  I want to use small models to get to near the end of the turn (probably guild guard, but maybe rifleman), then once they have advanced some people into range, walk, walk and Thats what lackeys are for to deliver the executioner into charge range, so that he can get in and get stabby.  I know his lack of defensive abilities and speed are his main weaknesses, but I figure this should be able to get him into combat first turn, even if the opponent advances fairly cautiously.  


So what do you think?  Will that just lead to dead Executioner?  

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This is a good technique to use with hounds and maybe guard I wouldn't  suggest using it with riflemen because you want them stationary and focus'd where/if possible and then just drop the heavy hitter. (I tend to use the warden or Graves with Lucius because I lack heavy hitters for guild)


As for the success that will depend on:

A)who you're playing

B)remaining activations (i.e out activating them will help)

C)Order of activation (i.e will they have anything left to threaten you with)


I don't have an executioner myself but I may need to get one since I imagine they will work well with both Lucius and McMourning.

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If you are concerned about the executioner being outactivated, the peacekeeper might be durable enough to weather being nominated the lucky lackey to be swapped into enemy lines. Franciso with the nonrandom upgrade might be worth considering instead too if you're looking at having a gunline.

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If you are worried about your minions dying you are probably playing Lucius wrong.


Nothing in M2E is durable. You need to wean yourself off the mindset from 1.5. The only thing that matters is if your models live long enough to complete their particular objective. IF you are using your executioner as a 9ss missile then you better have the cards to accomplish that or you will have wasted 9ss. 


In that respect the Executioner is as good as any other model although for 1 point more you get Ryle who's alot more versatile. 

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My thougts on it are twofold.  1- guided missle, take out the model that threatens me first (usually either a master or a big bad.. 2. Set the line of battle forward.  I do a lot of line in the sand, and by setting the battlelines forward it makes it a lot easier to get my full 3 points.  Also will give me control of the middle for squatters rights or turf war should it work out. 


Honestly, I have been using Ryle in this way, but was thinking this was a decent way to save a point should the Executioner pull it off just as well.

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