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Halifaux 2 - 12th October 2014


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Hi all,


I just wanted to get this date in people's diaries well in advance, before the event calendar gets too full.


Halifaux 2 will take place at the home of the Pennine Raiders Wargames Club in Halifax. Unfortunately my alternative/exciting venue plans didn't come through, but you never know... maybe in 2015...!


Format will be similar to last year's event. A ranked tournament with 3 or 4 rounds of Malifaux with all the usual trimmings. Space for 24 players initially but with likely room to expand.


If you think you'll be up for it let me know - it'd be great to get an early indication of potential numbers.









1. Nate Zettle

2. Mike Marshall

3. Joel Henry

4. Jimmy Balderstone

5. James Doxey

6. Chris Holloway

7. Jakab Sennett

8. Josh Fletcher

9. Joe Taylor

10. Paul Butler

11. Aidan Kirk

12. Pete Wright

13. ProximoCoal

14. Ade Mills

15. Chris Hay

16. TheFollowing

17. Martin Wodehouse

18. Captain Toysoldier

19. Ben Harris

20. Greg Piskosz

21. Andy Figg

22. David Golden

23. Ben Halford

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