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My second crew = The Ortegas

Viktoria x 2

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I'm sure everyone has seen one million Ortega crews, but I'm pretty excited to have finished this crew. They were really fun to paint, and relatively easy compared to my Viks crew. 

I'm happy with how they turned out. Plus, I got to proxysub some sweet Guild Guard models and a new Enslaved Meph, so that's also cool...








Comments and such always welcome! :)

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Pretty easy to use, too. Lay your static grass (I use GF9's spring blend). Get an old brush and water down a little white glue (school glue). Lightly brush the top of the grass, then sprinkle the flowers. Shake off the bases and set them aside to dry.


This is really important: don't lay the static grass or the flowers until AFTER you spray varnish. Matte varnish, let it dry

it dry, then lay your grass/flowers.


Cheers! :)

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