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Hello from Wokingham Berks

Douglas Nicol

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Hi peps


 i have just started playing malifaux i currently have the lady j and lilith boxes (both m2e). i have been playing some form of tabletop gaming for the last 20 years with games ranging from 40k to Ad&d but for me i'm not into the hyper competative tourny scene i'm into playing beer hammer.


I love to paint even tho just about every time i go online i end up getting serious paint envy.


Anyway just thought i'd post to indroduce myself and see if their is anyone in my local area who is up for a game / help me learn the game.



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Hi there,


There's a tournament on in Woking at the end of April which is not too far from you. Details here. Also there's a tournament on in Milton Keynes at the end of March. which is a bit more of a trek (nnnnnghhh the M25....). Details here. The tourney scene for Malifaux is really friendly and helpful - and if you play me you're guaranteed a win...;).


For casual gaming all I can offer is our club down near Gatwick, which is probably a little bit far for 3 hours gaming on a Sunday afternoon. Let me know if you want more details on it though

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