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I will be running a Malifaux league on Sundays starting at 2pm at At Ease Games in San Diego, CA. The entry fee will be $10 and I’m still working out what will earn prizes (I’m thinking win/loss ratio, most VP’s, and some form of painting for now).

I will select or make up a strategy for the games for the week with schemes being randomized and selected as normal. The default game size will be 50 soulstones, but as some players have limited models (or some might like to play larger) then players may agree to a different value. All models from waves 1 and 2 are perfectly legal and able to be played; just ensure that you have printed out the stat cards for any models you want to field. Wave 3 is currently in its infancy and so I’m saying that players may only use wave 3 if both players agree to allow it.

The format for each game will be to set up terrain, then announce factions and 2 masters to each other. flip for schemes and then select a crew using the faction and one of the masters selected. I’m choosing to not allow full selection within a faction due to some newer players having only one box available. Yet, I still would like them to get used to the standard format for crew selection and so this will stand to indoctrinate them. Players with large collections may agree to use the standard crew selection rules.

On top of the 10 possible VP’s, I will also have small side missions of varying difficulty each week. These will each earn 1 extra VP upon completion and each may only be earned once unless otherwise stated.

Hope to see you there!


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