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Is this a good start for some Raspy fun?


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Hi all,


with the final release of wave 2 cards I like to come back to Malifaux. The one faction I totally fell in love with are the arcanists, therefore I like to get a start with that faction.

Because I want to play some kind of ranged game, I decided to get the Rasputina set as my first arcanists crew (well, there are some pretty nice models included anyways) and now Im thinking about some good additions to the Rasputina starter.


Actually Im thinking about the following models to buy:


Rasputina boxed set

December Acolyte

Blessed of December


I think this will come to 50 SS including some upgrades.


Are there any other models I should consider?

Is snowstorm worth it?

What about some fast objective runners? Any advice here?


Thanks in advance



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I would definitely consider picking up Snow Storm, as it fills Raspy's only real hole (IMHO), movement. He can both suck frozen heart models up to him with the zero action for both movement and protection, or can tornado frozen heart models around with its casting, even if in melee with other models, as the enemy will take damage while the FH models get to push.

The Blessed is actually great at objectives with the Leap (although you would not likely want to use her exclusively in that capacity due to her cost.

Cheap objective grabbers that are great: Molemen. But I guess that can be said for any Arcanists crew.

You might want to grab a Myranda to hench for Raspy to use her for a round or two, then turn her into a Blessed, although I realize that is not a "fluffy" choice and is a bit "gamey".

Great start though, and you could certainly play well as it is.

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