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I have been looking at Ototo recently and had a few quick questions if anyone could help me out.


1. If i took Misaki as Outcast and hired Ototo through infiltration, could he be given Outcast general upgrades?


2. If i took Ototo with McCabe and gave him the Glowing saber and he bacame enraged would he have 2 rams built in? One built in the upgrade one from being enraged.



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Yes to both.


For the first, Little Rule Book, pg 90, Upgrades, first bullet point.

"A model may only have Upgrades of the Crew's declared Faction, regardless of the model's Faction."


For the second, Glowing Sabre is giving the model a Ml attack, and Enraged doesn't specify a specific Ml attack to gain the bonus, so it applies to all Ml attacks Ototo is entitled to.

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