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Mindless Zombie Alts.


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I'm looking at getting Nicodem in the near future and it has dawned on me I'm probably going to need a fair few Mindless Zombies to accompany him. I want to make the entire crew plastic where possible and so I'm looking at other models rather than the current Mindless Zombie models. So here's a few questions I'd appreciate some feedback on. 


1. How many do you think he will require on average?


2. Do you know if the plastic GW Vampire Counts Zombies are to scale with the rest of the crew?


3. Any suggestions for size appropriate alternatives (preferably plastic however if they look epic enough I'll use metal/resin)



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Those are pretty made for the job :)


These are what I use (well, will use, once I get to Nicodem - did buy the box already however). 10 unique sculpts that work really well for Malifaux and the price is amazing. They are slightly smaller than Malifaux minis but for zombies that doesn't matter. The difference is really small.

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Thanks for the help guys, I'll check all of these options out. I must admit I was hesitant to just go out and buy some GW Zombies as I remember them having huge heads and this doesn't sit well with me! Mantics Zombies looks pretty cool as do the Victorian Zombies from West Wind Productions. Oh the choices!

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