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Working with cork


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Hi There,

Im going to be doing some bases with cork for the first time, and I was wondering, how should I glue it?

I have been told to use UHU glue, and have seen people use hot glue gun.

Which of the two methods is actually better?

I have bought some cork placemats from IKEA, but its a bit soft, is the cork usually soft or stiff?


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I have used both super glue and PVA glue.  I do tend to run a pin through my bases though, so that might be adding strength.  Others may have other opinions.


Yes, the cork is usually a bit soft.  You will have to harden it.  Get it all glued together the way you want it on the base.  Once that is done, you will need to paint it with a 1:1 mix of water and PVA glue.  I will usually put on 2 coats, but sometimes I will use more for larger pieces.  Once that is done, prime and paint as normal.


An example of my work.


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i generally run a pin from inside the models foot, through the cork through the plastic base. then i clip the pin(i use florist wire) off about 1/4 to 1/2 inch past the base. bend it over tight with the bottom of the base and add superglue. this way the pin wont pull up through. i generally drill the hole and push the pin through after everything is painted. i put a thin layer of superglue on the pin before i push it through to get that extra hold as well.


this works for the plastic hollow bases the models come with. when i use resin replacement bases, i will drill my pin hole, then from the bottom of the base, drill a shallow hole with a bigger bit so i can cut the pin off after its glued, but not have pin sticking through and scratching up tables.

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Peacekeeper.  It is several layers of cork, but I put work into blending the layers together by pulling bits of here and there.


As for the pin, the others pretty much covered it.  I tend to put a big pin through one foot and the whole base, and then a small pin in the other foot that just goes in a bit to keep the model from turning in any way.  I use heavier pins than most, as mine are steel rod rather than floral wire, but it is a preference thing.  I also pretty much pin anything metal, and at least the contact between the model and base for plastics.  The peacekeeper has at least 10 pins in him that I can remember.

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