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Proxy for Lighting Bugs and anything else


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Here are a few of my proxies




the confrontation stuff is deffinatly out of production.  any thing from Ukraine is a recast.  the website i got them from www.aarklash-chronicles.com is apparently no longer.

I payed a fortune in shipping and it took well over a month to get the minis. they were pretty low quality metal but high quality detail. so buyer beware when buying from Ukraine.

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Is http://www.cadwallon.com ok since they have been having issues in the Ukraine. Also isn't Confrontation out of production?


They are recasts - in other words, illegal. Confrontation is currently out of production though Cool Mini or Not owns that rights for tabletop games and has been developing a new version. I wouldn't recommend Confrontation goblins, though, since they are way bigger scale. Rackham made their dwarves and goblins in something like 38mm scale.

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