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Anyone interested in getting some semi-regular interest in playing and testing these new puppets? The bad thing about vassal is it is hard to know when to get on to catch anyone playing.


Timezones and stuff make it hard, but if we had a list of people that would be interested in saying hey I'm free tonight or every Monday to play then people could hop on and see what is happening and get in a game without any set times or whatever. 


So I'll start. I am currently logged into vassal. If anyone is interested in playing and learning how the heck it works, I'd love to play a game. I'll try to get on Monday evenings. I live in the midwest US. I used to play via skype with a couple of forum users and had a blast. This will be waaay better. Also please bear with me as I learn unstitched rules. I've been playing the original for a long time. (also for some reason the forum made me restart my account. Same Doctor Lucky as before but ...minty fresh?)


TL;DR pretty sure Wyrd didn't invest in vassal and puppet wars: unstitched beta mode so we could all just drool over it. Lets set up some general times that people can check in on and try to get a game in.



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