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Explorers Misfortune - Perth Malifaux Tournament 1st March


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An Explorers Misfortune
The famous, if eccentric explorer Edward Von Humperdink has gone missing! Rumour has it that his last letter to his associates in Downtown Malifaux spoke of being close to finding the infamous Meridian Orb. Said to grant the wielder the perfect foresight into the results of their own actions (and possibly a healthy dose of madness), it was long thought to be nothing more than legend. The possibility that Sir Von Humperdink may have found this artefact has not been lost on the more powerful factions in Malifaux, and all have mobilised their agents to “rescue” the hapless explorer before anyone else does!
The next Skulls Malifaux tournament will be run along side Skulls 40k on the 1st of March! The Players Pack is now available, here.
South Perth Civic Centre, corner of South Tce and Sandgate St, South Perth
Saturday 1st March, 8:45am –> 5:45pm
- Entry will be $25, or $20 for Outpost 6030 or Club Westgamer Members
- 4x Games, using the standard encounter rules.
- Single Master & Faction for the day, with 45 soulstone crews chosen from a 65 soulstone pool of models.
- Wave 2 models will be allowed.
- Models can be proxied, provided you have an appropriate (and believable) replacement.
- Awards for Best Overall and Best Painted, hopefully more depending on turnout.
Planning to go and/or have any questions? Just post them here!
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