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My First Crew - The Torch and the Blade

Randolph Carter

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That's a great looking crew, some excellent brushwork there. I particularly like Samael, very nice use of different shades of brown on this one. Since you've asked for c&c here are some thoughts.

First off, you may try to add some red to the edges of flames and just a touch of black to the very edges. It will add some depth to the fire.

Secondly, some silver elements seem a bit too clean to me, eg. Sonnia's mask and her blade. You can try using a black wash on these and then a very light drybrush of silver.

I think you missed a spot on Samael's face where his beard is supposed to be and painted skin color over it.

And finally, you could try ading some rust effects to the blades of Witchling Stalkers. The easiest way to achieve a nice rust effect is by using Typhus Corrosion and Ryza Rust on them. You can find some video tutorial on youtube.

And that's pretty much all the advice I can think of. I really like your work and hope to see more Malifaux stuff from you in he future.

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