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Lucius at 50 Soulstones


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I have not long joined but made Guild my faction.


I have played a couple of games with Lady Justice crew but picked up the Lucius metals for super cheap (infact I picked up the Ortegas & Sonnia Criid boxes too)


I was looking to start a game with Lucius without buying anymore models and have the boxes above buy also have



Captain Dashel


3x Guild Guard

Guild Sargeant

Guild Lawyer


I could also field the Governors proxy as his totem


does anyone think I could make a crew out of the above that would do him justice



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Although I'm not yet a Lucius player (waiting for the new box), I would say yes. You're not missing much of his classical crew. Austringer, Riflemen and Wardens come to mind, but for the time being, Witchling Stalkers should nicely fill out their spots.


Just mix it up and try them out; the specific crew should be based on scenario anyway.

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