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Kaeris crew questions


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Maybe I am getting confused..


Kaeris has an automatic tome with flaming halo. Hence she can automatically choose the Stoke the Flames or Engulf trigger?


So this means if she chooses Stoke it automatically inflicts 2 Burning


Similarly with Firestarter's Ignition. Gets an automatic tome, so again can automatically use the Stoke the Flames trigger, so basically this inflicts +2 burning.





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However bare in mind that from a game design perspective Wyrd decided that all triggers would require suits, so in many cases an action where they want an automatic trigger will simply require a single suit that the master already possesses.

Beyond this there are a few other points that make the 'automatic suit' relevant. A small number of abilities/attacks can negate suits denying you your automatic suit, in some cases handing out burning may prove to be unfavourable (though very rarely I imagine)and you can only ever declare one trigger on any given action meaning that the automatic +2 burn prevents you using her other triggers if you always pick it.


In most cases you are correct, the +2 burning will almost always be available if you want to apply it but there are a number of reasons that it is a trigger and it is by no means something that you will always be able to use.

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