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Why I love piglets


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At the moment all my games are played as gremlins against Ressers and Guild(all wave 1).  As a gremlin player because of my play style and the fact that we usually play 35 ss games I don't usually kill alot of things.  In fact if I killed something its probably because it was in my way or needed to be removed to stop points from being scored.  Between undead tarpits and the family there are plenty of pieces I dont actually want to fight.  On the other hand.  


Pig charge to defensive stance is my favorite new move.  


One card and the sacrifice of a four soulstone model can eat up alot of AP from large enemy units.


I would write more but you get the idea and i am working from my phone.



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I'm curious as to why Perdita wouldn't just push/get pushed out of melee range? Still, I hadn't considered this, seems like a pretty annoying tactic! Man I can't wait for plastic Gremlins! I'll be all over them like a rash.


Because he couldn't.  The Nephilim was already shot dead and he didn't take the Family Upgrade that gives pushes (don't recall the name at the time).


It was one of our very first M2E playtest games for Wave 1 and was ran at relatively small points (25ss or 35ss IIRC).

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You don't need an upgrade, Perdita can just use relocate. 

It's a direct push towards a Family member.  Position properly (which isn't too hard when you can easily out-activate a Family crew and how stupidly fast Piglets are) and it won't be a viable option, at least for a turn or two.

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