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Need a master for a crew


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Hi all


As someone who has only had three mark II games I am still at the experimental/wanttotryrandomcombinations to get used to the rules stage of things.

With that in mind and with me due to get a few (50ss) games in during March I finally had a good look through my arsenal decks and the wave 2 beta files and want to try this combination out.







Looking at a first turn sequence of Beckoner luring teddy for 5 inches, Graves then showing him the door for 6, and then Kade where's Teddy for another 5 before Teddy actually activates and hopefully eats some faces.


So now the issue of what master, if any, would use the above combination of models to best advantage. My thoughts were as follows:


Lynch/HG: No real reason synergy wise but it would add another huge melee beatstick to the list potentially giving too many threats to deal with, and there would be space for 2 illuminated to offer a little bit of ranged threat or to go off and worry about schemes etc. Granted, with one or two upgrades he would be running pretty much without soulstones.


Lilith: Could include 3 terror tots instead of the 2 illuminated, another huge melee threat, and can pretty much keep up with teddy to ensure (barring deaths) that she and at least one other should be in the opponents face by turn 2. 


I had also thought Pandora might work but I think I could only fit a couple of sorrows in to the list which I presume would leave her a little vulnerable.


Any suggestions/advice welcome (it's why I asked :D )

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Welcome back! I am just getting back into the game myself I actually remember you from back then! I think the new dreamer could work pretty well with Mr Graves and I know he works well with teddy. Beckoners are always good and I havent really ever seen Kade in action so I cant say too much about him. Teddy could also (o) 8 inches and flurry to pull somebody a max of 12 inches back into the middle of daydreams alps and all of the dreamers nastiness.

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Can't speak for Lilith other than I hear /understand she's a big threat. 


As for a master that could handle Teddy well I'd second Dreamer or Lynch. Dreamer can help it as it's a nightmare. Move it, heal it, give it fast. So propably the most able master to actually gain synergy with Teddy himself. Lynch on the other brings Huggy in and with Lynch and a Beckoner on board they can spread brilliance which Hugster and Illuminated's love to beat in. Of course you don't win the game only by beating in face's unless you happen to get assasinate and murder protege for schemes. :) 

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I like the sound of Lynch as his (0)mulligan can ensure you have the cards to hit all the TNs needed for your sequence, and his free beatstick totem keeps your activation count up since this combo is kind of expensive.


Alternatively I like Zoraida as she can Obey the models to get some extra distance out of them, and once teddy has been delivered she can obey him to get even more attacks.


This combo sounds pretty brutal and I might have to try this sequence out some time, nice work! This sort of pre-empts another thread I was about to start on Zoraida combos...

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Thanks for the replies all and it's nice to be remembered Neverending.


The Dreamer is the one Neverborn (well 2 now with Lucius) master that I don't own so I never really considered him but I will take a look.


@Sharp_GT: I had considered Zoraida but then fell into the trap of thinking obey would be overkill as I probably wouldn't need an extra walk, completely forgetting that she could hand out attacks just as well. I certainly think she would also be worth trying out in a crew where this was the core. It's a one day tournament I am off to in March so I might try her in one game scheme dependent.

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