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Malifaux March Madness Bracket Event in Denver area


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What it is:
We are stealing a page from the NCAA and organizing a bracket-based Malifaux Event.

How it works:
The Event will last for the month of March. Initial rankings will be generated randomly and opponents will be generated in a manner similar to the NCAA’s March Madness: highest rank vs. lowest rank, with the two middle rankings against each other, so if we had eight players, it would be 1vs8, 2vs7, 3vs6, and 4vs5. Players are responsible for scheduling their games within the given timeframe. The winner of the resulting game will be listed as the winner on the bracket, with VP listed for each player.


Scores will be generated utilizing Wyrd’s Gaining Ground tournament rules, as can be found at http://wyrd-games.net/community/files/file/52-gaining-grounds/. SoulStone costs for games will be determined by the players. All games need to be played at ShieldBreaker Games.

For the second level of The Event, there will be a Winners’ Bracket and a Losers’ Bracket. Each player will be ranked in their respective brackets based on the VP scored in their first game. Players are still responsible for scheduling their games within the given timeframe.

For the final level of The Event, the two winners from the previous level will face off against each other. Remaining players will be placed in another bracket, again ranked and matched based on VP scored in previous games.



Register for The Event: Please sign up at ShieldBreaker Games by Friday, February 28th. Entry Fee is $10, which will go towards prize support. Declare Faction when you register, specific crews will be declared as a part of game set-up.

First Level: The first bracket will be posted on Saturday, March 1st. All brackets will be at the store, as well as posted on the Facebook page. Games need to be played by Saturday, March 8th.

Second Level: The second bracket will be posted on Saturday March 8th, just as soon as all of the results are in. Second level games need to be played by Saturday, March 15th.

Third Level: The third bracket will be posted on Saturday, March 15th. Games need to be played by Saturday, March 22nd.

Prizes will be awarded to First and Second, from the final Winners’ Bracket. Third prize will be awarded to the winner of the remaining bracket, based on VP.


Where it is:

ShieldBreaker Games - 724 Peoria Street, Aurora, CO 80011 (just SE of Denver). 720-532-1333

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